Friday, May 20, 2011

Art Love: Flutter Lyon

Flutter Flyon: AudioVisual Splendour Maker

Law of attraction is a funny thing. For the last couple months I've been thinking about Rorschach
test as art work. I've been meaning to buy an VAPD for a while to actually create my own diary of
Rorschach art.

So anyway, I was in the car with my sister a few days ago and we went past a studio that had the
Rorschach type of art. I almost fainted at the pure awesomeness of the artwork. It's really inspiring
to see that kind of work. I like the dark elements of it, blotchy symmetry.

Image and video Source: Flutter Lyon

More Details (info from her website):

140 Regent Street
Sydney Australia
Opening hours
Tues – Sat
12 – 6pm
Or by appointment
*Flutter is generally in the studio at these times but is sometimes in and out for meetings, rehearsals etc
Please call 0404 282 957 if you would like to make a specific time to visit the space

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