Sunday, September 05, 2010

Look Book

Books, I love them. Just as much as I love bookstores and libraries. I can spend hours in said
establishments. London has a great selection of bookstores, and I love how they are
affordable, especially art books. I really hate it in Sydney because prices are sometimes to high.
I blame it on import tax.
I have always been fond of books. My mum says that I taught myself how to read.
I'm not sure how that entirely works. But what I remember from when I was in pre-school and
kindergarten, is sitting down on little bean bags with picture books an just being enthralled with
the pictures and the mysterious text supporting it. I remember having reading lessons and
really enjoying pronouncing words and understanding what they meant and understanding the

My reason for this post was from a conversation I had with a friend, Paolo, in a London bar. I
guess it's a homage to that conversation. I always want to speak to someone after reading a
novel, I want to get their opinions, listen to the themes they see.. vice versa. Maybe I should join
a book club.

Anyways, above is my Amazon hit list.

Oh and Happy Birthday to me for the 4th of September. And Thank you to everyone who
wished me well :)


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pestrella said...

I enjoyed our nerdy conversation at The Cuban. It's great to find people who've read the same books as me, particularly because I enjoy the classics.

You should know that you write really well. I admire people who can write. If you want to read my stuff, check out my Facebook Notes -- perhaps you can get motivated the way I do when I read other people's blogs.

Happy Birthday.