Sunday, January 03, 2010

Jamie's Italian

Last night my room mate shouted us dinner at Jamie's Italian.
The food was SO GOOD! I thought it wouldn't be crash hot but I was wrong. If you like all
things spicy and seafood. Order Prawn Linguine. YUM. and get the truffles.

In other news, apparently the arctic winds will be hitting London this week. I'm trying
to mentally prepare myself for the below 15 degrees temperature. If you don't see posts
from me, It may mean I have died from the sub zero temperature.


tommiboy said...

even though they are blurry(which seems to be the look u were after) actually gives life to the photos. still photos are great, but sometimes blurryness adds another dimension into the still world. lol

great stuff!

have a look at some of my work. :)

Raver Ria said...

Hey Tommi,

Thanks :)
Yeah, I think I'm going through a blurry photo phase at the moment. before it was pastel looking pics, now it's blurry. I'm so erratic. lol.
But I will forever love black and white. *high five*.

Anonymous said...

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