Thursday, January 07, 2010

Illustrator Love: Brie Harrison

Super pretty awesome.
It makes me want to start making paper cranes.

Check out her site when you have a chance.


tommiboy said...

hey thnx for your comment on my post.

adelaide isnt terribly rad in all but i guess some ppl find it quite an amazing place while others find it quite the opposite. you might be the person that finds it

but yeh...should come visit it for sure.
where abouts u from? i think i read Sydney on ur profile..?

Raver Ria said...

No worries mate.

I'm from Sydney, but currently bunking in London.

Yeah, I need to tick Adelaide off my list. So I will definitely visit in the future.
I would have to say I feel the same way about Sydney, about it not being 'rad'. But I think a few people feel that way about where they reside. There's a monotony about familiar surroundings, but I guess that's where holidays come in. haha.
A lot of Londoners ask me.. "why are you living in London? it's so boring". I look at them like they are crazy, because London lies in the rad radar.