Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anthony Roussel - Jewellry Designer

During the month of May I went to the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects at
the Saatchi Gallery London, with my good friend Clarette.

I was suppose to post all the artists who I thought were simply amazing, but obviously, I have only got around to it now.
I know I'm a bit hopeless like that.

So, I guess the next coming days, I will do these sort of posts. It's been a while since I have
written art/design entries.

Here I go.......

The first one is Anthony Roussel; a jewellery designer.

Ps all pieces are made from Birch Wood. F*cking awesome, no?



Check out his website:

Image source:
* First three images by Juliet Sheath
* Last three images by Rob Popper


Friend in Fashion said...

These are amazing - love the rings! :)


tommiboy said...

WOW sweet! love them! where are they taken from? they look amazing!

first time im having a look at ur blog and im liking what im seeing so far.
;) keep going