Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 Rolls

Are you just as curious as me?
I cannot remember what I have shot in the last couple of months... Amsterdam, Paris,
Cinque Terre, Munich road trip, random happenings in London town?

I have a feeling it will cost me my soul to develop the film.
But every penny is worth it.
Because i love my Holga as if it is my child. haha.

*Image Source: Photo taken by me


Nichol Brooklyn said...

Nice shots there. Yea, film stuff does worth every single penny. I'm so obssessed with film now. Though I only have a vintage 1960 Agfa Optima I which I'm still figuring how to use.


Patty Ann said...

wowww totally cool picture!!!!!!! i wish i knew how to do that with my photos!