Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Man tights

Shock horror!
Are tights for men going to be the latest craze?
Is American Apparel going to manufacturer leggings or tights for the boys?
I think tights, leggings, stockings or anything of that nature should be reserved for the females.
The only tights boys should be wearing are the tight arse skinny jeans that they all seem to be rocking these days.

The only time tights should cross over to the men’s department is when they use those Nike tights for training/ sports purposes. Because I would much rather see a hot sweaty ripped as anything male training in those feral things in the gym (even though I don’t go to the gym)… opposed to seeing a bloke wearing them in some random department store whilst I’m shopping…. eeekk

The reason why I oppose them so much is because I am jaded and scared…. This memory has scared me…. I was walking to school with a bunch of girlfriends and this feral hippie of a man walked past us… our reaction was “why the heck is this guy wearing tights” but then we realised it was a ratty old pair of opaque stockings he was wearing, so sheer that you could see the family jewels… yes he wasn’t wearing any knickers *cough cough…. Spew* I guess the feral hippie caught onto the trend 10 years ago and it has only come into fruition now….

So if you’re a boy, I only expect you to wear tights if you’re training in the gym or park.... or if your a male ballerina.... or if you intend on being in some Shakespearean play…
* Image from nymag.com


Style On Track said...

Hahah I get what you mean completely, those tights on boys look so odd, and those are models which everything is supposed to look good on ;)

Raver Ria said...

I know right!!
I actually saw a guy rocking tights on the weekend... it looked very very wrong!!!