Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tag .....your it!

I have been tagged….. thanks Annie….lol….. so yeah 5 weird things about yourself …… I won’t tag anyone else because I seriously can’t be arsed!!!!

1) I talk in my sleep….. I have been doing it since I was a wee- child. I would scream out really random things that don’t make sense… I slept over my mates house, Jacky…. And she told me I was saying stuff….

2) When I watch movies that I like, I wish I were the character’s professions. For example When I watch the Bourne Identity movies I want to be an assassin. When I watch Pirates of the Caribbean I wish I was a pirate. When I watch Centre Stage I wish I was a professional ballerina, although the latter would of came true had I continued with ballet.

3) I fart …… A LOT….. This is no surprise to my friends and family…. People think it’s gross…. But I think that it’s funny…. I always warn people before I fart just to give them notice…. F*ck going to the toilet and farting…. Seriously, by the time I would reach the toilet I would of farted already…. So I just let it rip.

4) I have a thing for all things storage…. Yet I am very messy….

5) I zone out to ‘Maria land’and when people call my name when I’m in this ‘zoned out moment’ I don’t hear them….. for example….. my dad or sister or mum would have to scream at the top of their lungs to get my attention…... I'm a daydreamer

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