Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Give a girl a camera and a bunch of flowers

You may remember my previous floral posts-  Wild Roses and Emmanuel Sammartino.

I’m personally drawn to Darkness in Art… when you make that connection to the subject, it can provoke and expose emotions such as vulnerability, distress, mystery and discomfort. But in darkness, there is something raw and beautiful at the core.

I recall Winona Ryder’s character, Kim, in Edward Scissorhands. Although Kim initially feared Edward (a character with literally scissors as hands), she was intrigued and enchanted by his inner kindness and fragility. This is the kind of fragility that flowers also have…they are delicate, beautiful, yet easily broken.

Combining darkness and beauty makes sense to me. So I hit the studio to have another crack at floral photography.

It took me a while to achieve the correct lighting (thanks Frenchy for your help!). Studio lights are not my strong suit, however experimenting and mastering technique is what I’m trying to achieve (#goals).

When I look at the photos, I’m happy with the dark mood I was able to produce.

This will definitely be a continuous series.

How do you feel when you look at these photos?

Raver Ria_Flower Test Shoot Raver Ria_Flower Test Shoot Raver Ria_Flower Test Shoot Raver Ria_Flower Test Shoot
Images shot by me at Mondo Digital Studios

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