Monday, July 06, 2015

Wild Roses

Hi Pals,

Below are some photos I shot last week. I collaborated with my fellow Studio Manager - Chelsea. I've wanted to do this shoot for quite some time now and a few weeks back I asked Chelsea's opinion in regards to lighting set ups. Pure chance, she was looking to shoot the same concept, so a collaboration was booked.

While reviewing my images in post, I saw that are some lighting techniques I can improve on next time I am in the studio. Overall, I'm quite happy with these dark and moody photos. And as photography test shoot goes, there are always learnings at the end of it. It was the first time I used strobe lighting (I normally opt for natural light), Chelsea is a brilliant teacher and guided me through the process. I know I can improve that skill from here on end.

Flowers x Raver Ria Flowers x Raver Ria Flowers x Raver Ria 3 Flowers x Raver Ria 2 Flowers x Raver Ria 1

Images shot by me at Mondo Digital

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