Sunday, May 24, 2015

James Turrell Retrospective at The National Gallery of Australia

I find artist retrospectives can leave me unsatisfied, but not James Turrell's at the NGA.

Some (if not all) artists use light to aid them in creating art - from Rembrandt's portraits to the basis of photography.

Turrell makes art from light and its next level. Perception theory and psychology has always interested me. I love that Turrell uses light and perception to affect and immerse the viewer. Your perception is your reality and what I experienced at his retrospective is that reality is merely an illusion.

James, you are a genius and Roden Crater is on my bucket list.

James Turrell's Skyspace James Turrell's Skyspace James Turrell's Skyspace
Images above are of James Turrell's Skyspace - which is located outside the NGA.
The structure was quite impressive it was like something out of Star Wars or from the Aztec Empire.
Images Shot by Me

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