Monday, February 11, 2013

Black and White

Rachelle LukeThe Sax Man Bondi Skater KL

Life lately. This is a glimpse of what life looked like during the last 4 months; School and Manila. Towards the end of last year saw me enrol in a few classes at the ACP. I actually had the same tutor from classes I took about 4 years ago, and it was a welcome surprise that he remembered me and what camera I used, how's that for memory!  If you are wondering, the classes I enrolled in was Black and White: Process, Proof and Scan. As well as Black and White: Print. The pre- req is I think Camera Craft 1 and possibly 2. But it's best you check their website: The dark room was quite addictive at times, and it was a bit of time warp. You will spend hours in there thinking it's only been 20 minutes. There is a sense of gratification knowing how to print your own photographs, and seeing your first contact sheets come to life is pretty amazing. I really recommend taking classes at the ACP, I've always had a pleasant learning experience at that school, plus they have great photography exhibits which is free and open to everyone.

The first 4 shots are from Sydney. 1) My gorgeous cousin was kind enough to let me take photos of her again. 2 & 3) My best mate rehearsing with his band Pocketful of Soul, with his talented Sax Man. 4) Bondi Beach Skate Park which brings me back to my youth and high school days. 
5) is of my cheeky cousin K full of personality and naughty as hell, shot on my quick stop in Manila.

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