Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lomo Love: Angel Canals, London.

Angel Canals
Angel Canals
Angel Canals
(All images shot by me)

I love revisiting my old pics from London. I also believe it's time for a new Lomo Love post too. So here are some images of the canal that begins at Duncan St in my old neighbourhood of Angel. My sister actually found this little gem. Lined with little house boats, this canal subsequently saw us taking strolls to other parts of London, which resulted in either a pub crawl or food fest of sorts. A lot of local folk use it as their jogging route, work route or just a place to sit and read a book or to have a small picnic. It is seriously devine during summer time, and you can also rent tug boats. The canal takes you through to Shoreditch and East London, then ends all the way down Canary Warf, which is hella far.

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Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us!