Friday, September 04, 2009

Cobra is the snake

When I look at photographs that I like and love I tend to over analyze. It's my Virgo
OCD personality and I'm too bloody pensive for my own good.

'The rule of thirds' is what they say makes a good eye pleasing photograph (feel free
to debate that statement).
I reckon this photo has those elements and that's why I like it. I also like the red/ orange
elements; neon sign, her painted nails, splashes of it in her head band, orange witches
hats. I also like how the yellow tape in the foreground sort of breaks up the image,
I feel as though it gives it depth. And of course, the girl is bloody beautiful.

*Image source: The Cobrasnake

Off topic?
I taxed this image from Elena's blog (
Stalk her now! she has rad inspirational images and she has awesome polyvore sets.


ryder said...

she is.
since i was a child i just liked photos with people. never really understand sourroundings.

Autour de toi said...

Yeah, the pictures of Cobra are always so good. I like this.

test said...

did you study photography? if you did please teach me more...u like learning new things and that "the rule of thirds" sounds interesting :)

Raver Ria said...

Ryder: I never really understood surroundings too... lol...

Autour de toi: I always enjoy looking at Cobras pictures... thanks for following my blog :) I had a look at yours and it's pretty cool! I wish I was in Spain right now!!

C: I did study photography for a few months just before I left for the UK... But it was really basic stuff... I'll post more photography stuff for you... I tend to neglect it on this blog. Thanks for your support :)

JadeRose said...

agreed on the elements of this snap. Love how he takes some of the most simplest of shots but they have so much depth to them. I always wonder if its on purpose or he just simply snaps away? Either way it works and I live for his updates!

Dylana Suarez said...

I love this photo, too!

Great blog!

JOWY said...

Cobrasnake is a great site and teh parties are crazy..really great pic!

One Love,

leflassh. said...

lovely blog, so many inspirational photos.