Thursday, August 13, 2009

la mort de la vierge by Michelangelo

La Mort De La Vierge (The Death of The Virgin)
1601- 1605/1606 oil on canvas 369 x 245cm

This image does not do this painting any justice, at all.
Tim and I came back from Paris yesterday morning and
we were fortunate enough to visit the amazing and epic
This brilliant painting is by Michelangelo, I remember
seeing it in art books during compulsory high school
art lessons.
I tend to gravitate to art that is quite dark. When I saw
this painting, the air in my lungs was knocked out of me.
I was mesmerized; transfixed by it's darkness, emotion,
death, the colours and the faces of the subjects.
My chest felt as though a tonne of bricks were pushing
against it, I was moved by it's brilliance. Tears started to
welt up in my eyes.
There was so much drama and emotion in it, I was in
another zone while staring at the faces of Mary and the Apostles.
It is hard for me to express my feelings in words....
my body reacted to this painting in a way that I will
never forget. I have never had this type of reaction
in art galleries that I have visited in the past.
Michelangelo, thank you for creating this masterpiece.
I will never forget this painting and the profound experience I had in the Louvre.
You are amazing.


daisy kate said...

I recently went to Rome and it made me really really love Michelandelo :)
Thank you for commenting my blog the other day and I'm now following you :)

daisy kate said...

Hello again Maria :) Lace bodys aren't too hard to wear, as long as your top stays where it's supposed to if you know what I mean! Haha :)

Rome is the most amazing place I have ever been to in my whole life everrr. I want to spend next summer there because I just felt so at ease there and happy, and everywhere you turn there are stunning buildings and statues etc. You should definately go :) And the Vatican is SO huge and Maze like, there's something stupid like 13 miles worth of corridors in there! Go! :)

Annie said...

Hi Tin!

Hope you and Timmy are well!

You're description made me teary! Although it might not have fully captured how you felt, it was enough to make me feel the awesomeness of the moment. :)
There are just some things that are truly magnificent in the world huh?!
The Louvre and the Vatican museum are a part of my list of favourite places in the world. I'm not an artist nor can I claim that I'm knowledgable in the arts, but there were a lot of pieces that really just made me go WOW *jawdrop*! :) A day in each place was definitely not enough!

Keep enjoying my dear! Look forward to more of your amazing adventures! Huge hugs! Mwah! :)