Monday, April 21, 2008

"Let's get physical... physical"

Back in the day running laps around the athletic track or around the block was a piece of cake. Now, walking up a flight of stairs leaves me in a wheezing and gasping for air state. I am officially unfit.

During primary and high school I was the sportiest child alive, come to think of it I was actually Sports Captain in primary school… haha lame… anyway. The main sports I played were athletics and netball. I remember attending training sessions every week for about an hour or more.… ‘round robin’ sort of training… 100 push ups, sit- ups and squats, laps around the block, throwing heavy medicine balls etc.

Fast forward to the present….I had my first fitness session yesterday afternoon with Tim (he is a personal trainer now). I have seriously not played sport or have gone to the gym (heck I never go to the gym) in 7 years.
So just imagine, me trying to get back in the sporty swing of things….there was a lot of complaining on my part “no… no more!” or “…. I ccaaaannn’t” … it was quite funny because I couldn’t take Tim seriously, and he was doing a half-arsed job because it was I that he was training and not one of his clients (so there was a lot of laughing) However, I am in pain… not working out in a LONG time makes your muscles hurt. I ‘felt the burn’ and now my back, arse and stomach are aching.
The only parts of my body that I intend on working out is my legs (coz my knees are weak from skateboarding knee sprains) and posture (because I am the next hunchback of Notre Dame). But you wont see me running laps ‘round Mounty County because (I’ll get rolled) I reckon if I run long enough and too often I’ll look emaciated (high school styles!).

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