Monday, March 05, 2007

OMG she's back again

Back home in Australia... unfortunately.... I returned home yesterday... booo....*sob*....
As my dad keeps on saying.. "back to reality" ... oohhh man, back to routine....

I will write a long arse post about my Philippines trip... but not long as Annie's... haha kidding mate... ps i didnt get to buy you the Preview mag.... coz they only had the Judy- Anne one... F*ck she is skinny!

Shit uni tomorrow!!!! arrgghhhhhh!!!!

1 comment:

Annie said...

Hey Hey! Welcome home chickie!
About bloody time you came home! LOL
Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing all the stories!
Don't worry about the Preview, I have a friend that left for Phils today so she should be able to get it! So are you broke? :P Did you shop lots and party party party? :)
Hope to see you soon mate!

PS. Good luck with uni! :)