Thursday, January 04, 2007

The year that was 2006.....

This is the first time that I have had a chance to actually sit and reflect on what I have learnt in 2006…. I guess it is a bit late to write all or most my thoughts, I have just been really busy to take time out.

I would have to say that 2006 has been a really excellent year for me. Opportunities came my way towards the end of it, and I am truly grateful for them. When the year started I was semi depressed because I really was confused with my future, what path in advertising I wanted to pursue, the goals that I wanted to achieve. All these questions were answered instantaneously; it was like a crazy epiphany. No more um’s and ah’s …..
I now realize what my passions are… taking action and seizing them is the next step…..
I was in this depressed state for a while worrying about career and money, but my dad gave me simple advice…. “Don’t worry about revolving your life around money…. that is foolish…but measure your life in terms of whether or not you are truly happy”

2006 made me realize who and what I was really like, the people who know me well, i.e. family members and boyfriend know how angry and hostile I can get. Thus I am slowly controlling these emotions. I guess there’s no point in being that way, not only does it makes it unpleasant for people to be around me, when I’m like this. But it is also unpleasant to carry a heavy load of unnecessary negative thoughts and emotions.

2006 enabled me to rekindle old friendships. Having an opportunity to be employed at my friends work wouldn’t have enabled this. To me I see working there as a blessing in disguise, in terms of creating a new bond with past friends and also having a chance to work in the advertising field.
2006 made me realize what and who true friends were and are. I did have a fight/ dispute with one of my close mates, but don’t you worry all was resolved. But in a strange way I’m glad it happened, I learnt a lot and contemplated on what was communicated. It made me realize what the situation was…. It made me realize who was really there for her or me or us…. It made me realize the true meaning of friendship…..

2006 enabled me to spend more time with my sister, amidst the fights, hectic schedules and not seeing each other often. We both know that we would be there for each other unconditionally. I ♥ you Mara. I can’t wait for our trip back to the motherland Philippines in February!

2006 was a GREAT year, a lot of lessons learnt. A lot of great memories.

I hope 2007 is even better! It will be Chinese New Year and it is the year of the PIG… oink oink…….my year… as my boss says… “this is your year, its going to be a good one… love… money…career!!!’

I have a feeling that this year will be amazing…..

I just hope to see Josh Harnett again :)

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