Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my week

For Dan (Because I haven’t updated in a long time! Haha!)

It has been a chock a block week, much of which has been a lot to do with my Advertising: Illustration & Editorial assignment. Last week consisted of me trying to figure out indesign, I’m not the graphic design sort of person, so Tim and I had a very short and quick tutorial from my sister. The project was to be a double page illustration/ written article; I based my project on Manhattan Pizzeria Café. JR’s brothers Glenn and Dean’s restaurant. Check out their website

On Thursday night my sister and I took our little cousins out for dinner at the pizzeria, why?
a) It is tradition that my sister and I take the younglings out during their school holidays
b) I needed to take photos for my assignment
Kill two birds with one stone right….

It was also Dean’s birthday so we bought him a lovely chocolate cake…. He had a house party on Saturday… more about that later….

I thought my assignment would take up my whole weekend but to my surprise it only took me a day and a half to do…. With the help of Mara.
So the next day I went to my sister’s work to further develop my concepts and typography. Might I add that Friday was the biggest heat wave ever!!! 36 degrees!!! Ouch!
I thought that I would spend the whole day doing the assignment, but in a couple of hours I was done…yay!

Later I met up with Tim and his sister (and crashed at his place); we went for a swim at Whitlam Pools. It was maxed out like something severe… and scorching hot. It was so refreshing to be immersed in the cool water!
I basically spent the whole weekend watching LOST season 2; I always missed out on the episodes. Tim is a godsend for buying the box set! I ♥ LOST.

Meanwhile, Saturday was just as hot as Friday. Tim and I were not sure whether to go to the pools or the beach, after a long and lazy discussion we then decided on the beach, Bondi Beach to be exact. Like pools, the beach was jam packed with serious fun. And the waves were massive! Me being the chicken shit that I am wanted to go the north end, where it wasn’t that crazy… why because:
a) I almost died in a rip when I as 14 years old (thank you Maroubra beach)
b) I have a fear of drowning
c) I have a fear of massive waves killing me

I couldn’t believe how cold the water was, it was like jumping in ice freezing water…arrgghhh but I did have a laugh at they way Tim and I looked like when getting into the water… think stick figures doing the robot….

After the beach we headed off to the city to eat and to meet up with Mara & JR to go to Dean’s Hawaiian dress up birthday shindig.
Man… Dean was prepared; he had luau wall paper (I thought they were the actual walls…so deceiving!) coconut drinking glasses and piñata style palm trees. He also had a set of rules for example you cant say Dean’s name, don’t hold your glass in your left hand …so on and so forth… the consequences were two shots or lucky dip… which could have been worse than two shots
John made cocktails, very potent ones too…. I still don’t know what was in them…
It was very rowdy in the apartment! The land lord and other tenants kept on banging on the door like crazy people telling Steve (the roommate) to shut the “F” up…. I lost count at how many times the neighbors kept on banging the door down. Each time Dean walked away from them he would scream out “THEY SAID SICK PARTY MATE, KEEP IT GOING!!” I think the cops came too….

It was one the coolest house parties I have been to in a long time. When I woke up the next morning the place was absolutely trashed, beer glasses and plastic cups on the floor, dirt and vomit stains…feral but funny, when you’re in a tipsy or wasted state everything looks clean until you’re sober….

I will post pics soon..

Oh yeah… they are getting evicted…..


Dan-san said...

Ah...passing on the knowledge to siblings. Good on ya Mara!

I remember doing that for my little bro and teaching him all these design shit. Little bastard is probably better than me now...

He still steals all my mags in my room for design ideas. What am I? His newsagent? lol

Dan-san said...

PS Hey world! This post was dedicated to me...WOOHOOO!!!... even though the names and characters in this movie are purely fictional. Any coincidence with real people in real life are what it is...a coincidence.

Thank you.

Raver Ria said...

I dont think i will ever be as proficient as Mara... design stuff is hard..i must say... although it is fun to learn something new....

Soul Searcher said...

I see why you haven't been updating. Booze is keeping you away. NICE!

Raver Ria said...

man i havent drank in ages ... i was wasted after three drinks!!! well not wasted... tipsy i guess... lol.... are you going to Camiell's bday??