Friday, November 30, 2012

Japan on Film

TokyoKyotoHiroshimaOsakaOsakaHiroshima Osaka OsakaHiroshimaOsaka Kids
 All Images Shot by Me on a Richo 35ZF with Fujichrome Pro Velvia 100F

I took my Richo 35ZF to Japan on a whim. I really didn't know whether the camera would work. As I bought it at Trash and Treasure for $5 and I thought the vendor was lying in regards to it functioning.

But I was quite surprised that it did, and the camera produced lovely dream like images; dark and graining 35mm film goodness. Gosh I love film. 


Ice Pandora said...

Beautiful japan! The
photo's looks great, love
the contrast c:




Berta said...

One day I will visit Japan for sure.=)

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